This is the town in West Serbia one can hardly miss when traveling around the region.

Not only that its rich history will allure you from a steep hill overlooking the city where the 14th-century fortress dwells, but so will the lush nature of Mokra Gora and Potpeć Cave.

Tourists from around the world are coming here to take a ride in the nostalgic train called the Šargan Eight, to visit the Emir Kusturica’s famous village remotely built on the top of the hill, to see the first power plant in Serbia constructed according to Nikola Tesla designs, but also to try some delicious komplet-lepinja.

The area was part of the 12th-century Serbian state. One of the remanences to those times is the so-called Old Town above the city. Užice was also the main rebel center during the Ottoman rule and an important military strategic base throughout various wars – from Austro-Turkish to WWII.


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