Tara-Drina-Bajina Bašta

They say that Tara mountain is so specific that everybody who visits once, keeps coming back.

The area with special characteristics that is protected under the Tara National Park, offers more to see and experience than any other place to visit. Some of the most beautiful views in Serbia can be admired here.

If on the other hand visitors are more into clean waters, rivers, and canyons, this is also the place to be. Beneath the mountain, there flows the popular Drina river that creates mesmerizing gorge by cutting rocks in two and going all the way to Višegrad in Bosnia. Visitors can either admire the view of Drina from above or take a boat ride through its canyon.

Abundance in waters and lakes is what makes this area perfect for water sports, but also for spending time at the beach. The town of Bajina Bašta is close by, along with a few historical landmarks.

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