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Ski Center Tornik

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Tornik is the highest point of Zlatibor (1,496 m) located about 9 km from the tourist center. It’s full of activities in winter and summer alike.

For bicycle riders who love mountain tracks, this will be perfect. In addition, all the equipment can be rented here. The six-seat lift is available for skiing purposes in winter, but also for panoramic rides in summer. It takes off from the departure station at an altitude of 1,110 m and climbs up to Tornik.
Ski Center is the biggest ski resort in Zlatibor with four ski trails. The total length of ski paths is 8 km. There are 3 easy ski paths, 2 mediums, and one difficult path, and the longest path is 2,550 m. It is possible to rent almost all of the ski equipment – skis, snowboards, sleds, snowmobiles, etc.

The conditions here are ideal for Nordic skiing and biathlon, and numerous national and international competitions are held here.


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