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This village is famous for the Kremna’s Prophecy Complex dedicated to Tarabić family. They lived here in the 19th century and it is believed that they were clairvoyant. According to beliefs, they have predicted the invention of television, the telephone, and the telegraph in Serbia, shifts to the local throne, etc.
The first Tarabić to show clairvoyant abilities was Miloš, born in 1809. He lived for 45 years, “just as he predicted”, they say.

It is believed that Kremna valley was created “when the Earth was formed, and when millions of stones like the Cosmic Stone in the Complex fell into its bowels”. The valley is hard to be scanned by planes and satellites, they say, that this Stone not only interferes with modern equipment but emanates benevolent eradiation “which nobody can explain”. The inscription then concludes: “It is believed that the continuous benevolent eradiation is the reason why people here are born psychic.”


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