Natural attractions



The river originates from several slopes of the Tara mountain and it flows into Zapadna Morava. It is 75 km long, creating one breath-taking gorge abundant with endemic species.

This is actually one of the areas in Serbia with the most abundant number of butterfly species. Out of 192 butterfly species recorded in the country, 110 can be found in Đetinja Gorge.
The gorge itself is 8 km long. At the village of Vrutci, the river is dammed in 1986 creating the artificial Vrutci Lake. Several healing springs are to be found in the gorge in the area named Staparska Banja (banja meaning spa in Serbian). There are pedestrian and bicycle paths to enjoy all the way to Staparska Banja.

Besides strolling along the gorge, visitors can immerse into mountaineering or even kayak rides surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Đetinja river also brought some perfect conditions for a city beach in Užice that is packed with swimmers in the summer.


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