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Banjska Stena

This is one of the most popular viewpoints in Tara National Park. Situated 6 km from Mitrovac, it is reachable by hiking trails or a dirt road. Banjska Stena overlooks Drina canyon and Perućac Lake.

The viewpoint is at the altitude of 1,065 meters.

Bilješka Stena

Bilješka Stena is the viewpoint at an altitude of 1,225 meters that can be visited coming from Predov Krst (6 km away), or by a hiking trail. The artificial lake Perućac can be seen from here, Drina canyon and Bosnian coast on the other side.

Next to the fence at the viewpoint, there is also a log house used for Serbian movie Some Birds Never Take off with Bata Živojinović in a leading role.


The viewpoint lies on the top of the 980-meter-cliff not far from Kaluđerske Bare. Drina valley, Rača river and Bajina Bašta can be admired from here. Rača Gorge is the natural habitat of the largest European mammal, the brown bear.

The medieval monastery Rača is located at the gorge exit. It dates back to the 13th century when it was founded by Serbian king Dragutin Nemanjić.


Sokolarica is situated 12 km from Kaluđerske Bare at an altitude of 990 meters. It is opposite to Crnjeskovo viewpoint above the Rača Gorge. It belongs to Rača Gorge Nature Reserve.

Cliffs around Sokolarica are nesting grounds for European golden eagle.


This viewpoint is situated at Crni Vrh, at the highest elevation point in Tara National Park. It can be reached by the unpaved road or a hiking trail. The site at the altitude of 1,444 meters is dominated by the 12 meters high wooden observation deck.


Osluša viewpoint is located at an altitude of 964 meters in the village that bears the same name, 7 km from Mitrovac. This is the easily accessible site that provides views of the Drina valley, Bajina Bašta, and Bosnian landscape on the other side of the river. The place also serves as a take-off point for paragliders.

Ravna Stjena or Grad

This is the site situated near the dam of Lake Spajići in Zaovine village. The viewpoint stands on the top of the monolithic rock created by the abrasion of the former Pannonian Sea.


At the altitude of 1,473 meters, Janjač is one of the highest peaks of the Tara National Park. It is situated in Zaovine, above the Gornje Karaklije village, at the very border between Serbia and Bosnia.

This viewpoint provides a magnificent panoramic view of Zaovine area and the Tara massif, while the town of Višegrad in Bosnia can also be seen. If the weather allows it, the famous Višegrad bridge is to be discerned in the distance, the one described by Serbian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić.


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