Natural attractions


Tara National Park

The National Park covers the territory of about 25,000 hectares. Tara mountain lies at the altitude of 1,200 meters, while the highest peak is Kozji rid (1,591 m).

This is the typical forest area that is among the richest ecosystems in Europe regarding the variety of species. The so-called Pančić or Serbian Spruce is of special importance. It is the endemic species that endured in Drina canyon and that is known for surviving the most recent Ice Age.

Serbian scientist Josif Pančić was looking for the spruce in the area for 20 years, since 1855. This tree turned out to be so resilient that it has been known to sometimes endure harsh city conditions and absorb the pollution. That is why it is often referred to as the living fossil of the European and Balkan flora.
When it comes to endemic species, this is where one can encounter the brown bear species that represents one of Tara’s trademarks. Not only that they are protected, but visitors can watch them feed in their natural habitat. Another endemic species is Tara’s grasshopper. It doesn’t fly, its wings are vestigial. This grasshopper occupies the territory of the park alone and can’t be found anywhere else in the world.



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