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House on the rock

When looking for photos of Bajina Bašta or Drina, one will most likely stumble upon the House on Drina. The site became so popular over the years that the observation deck is installed for visitors to be able to take the best view.

Even though the river has a habit of getting wild from time to time when it washes away the small house from the rock, locals always manage to build another one and place it at the same spot. The House on the Rock became a true landmark of the area.
There are folk stories related to the rock itself, given the fact that it is not that usual to see such a huge stone in the middle of the river.

According to legend, national hero Marko Kraljević who lived during the Ottoman rule and was famous for his strength didn’t want his horse to get wet. So, he got up to Tara mountain and threw a huge rock from there, placing it in the middle of the river. It thus only took two jumps for his horse to cross over from one bank to the other.

They say that there is still a hoof trace to be seen on the rock.


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