Natural attractions


A cruise through the canyon

Drina cuts through the mountain range creating a stunning canyon that is among the deepest in the world.

One can admire the view of the gorge from Banjska Stena viewpoint or to take a ride through the canyon itself.

Drina Canyon begins from Perućac Lake, cutting further through cliffs between Serbia and Bosnia. The passage is narrow at times with chill breeze coming from small gorges of Bistrica or Žepa river that flows into Drina. There are also a few medieval necropolises to be seen along the way that were declared UNESCO heritage sites in 2016, along with those in Perućac.

A cruise through the canyon goes all the way to Višegrad town in Bosnia including a visit to the famous Drina bridge described by Serbian Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić, and the renowned film director Emir Kusturica’s Andrićgrad dedicated to the same writer. (Make sure to visit Kusturica’s Drvengrad in Mokra Gora where the popular film festival is taking place.)


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