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There are a few other places one should stop by in Sjenica area, namely the mountains. Also, if you prefer Nordic skiing, there is the ski center available here with the only ski slope of its kind in the region.

Golija is the highest mountain in southwest Serbia with Janko’s Stone peak at its highest (1,833 m). It is declared an air spa and the first category Nature Park in 2000. Also, Golija was declared the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2001. It is abundant in forests, clean mountain water springs, a variety of herbs, and wildlife.

Given that the mountain covers a vast territory, it takes days to explore its villages, hills or to stop by a few local monasteries. The highest peak often sticks out of the density of clouds beneath or it can provide a magnificent view on a clear day.

The tourist center Odvraćenica is situated at an altitude of 1,744 meters.

The highest peak of Jadovnik mountain lies at an altitude of 1,734 meters. It is called Katunić. When the sky is clear the view from here reaches all the way to the sea which is at the aerial distance of about 150 km.

One of the attractions on Jadovnik mountain is the Sopotnica waterfall.

Giljeva is the mountain range that separates Pester plateau from the peaks in Montenegro. It is situated about 20 km away from Sjenica and it still represents a haven for cattlemen and their herds of cows or flocks of sheep. Visitors can often come by their specific small houses called stanovi or katuni.

Because of its specific landscape, Giljeva is often referred to as being on some other planet.

Ozren mountain lies between Jadovnik and Giljeva. From its Orlovača peak (1,693 m) one can admire the view not only of the Pešter plateau but of the highest peaks in Montenegro.

The place called Caričina, a weekend resort for medieval noblemen was once situated on Ozren slopes. This is also where the famous Uvac river springs, the biggest in the region.


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