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Ovčar-Kablar GORGE

The focal points of the gorge are mountains of Ovčar (985 meters high) and Kablar (885 m), while it is adorned by West Morava river meanders and thermal springs.

Due to its natural characteristics, the gorge has been declared the Area of Exceptional Qualities. It stretches to 2,250 hectares.

The Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is a must-see when traveling to Čačak and Dragačevo, given that one mountain is under the jurisdiction of one town and the other under another. The highest viewpoint on Kablar at an altitude of 881 meters can be reached by hiking trails or bicycle routes. It is also possible to drive up to the 800-meter-track that goes to the top. Mountaineers are often seen on the slopes of Ovčar.

One of the things that makes the gorge specific is the fact that there are 700 herbal species, which makes a quarter of the whole number of species in Serbia. Half of the species of daily butterflies and birds live here in the protected area. There is also an interesting bitter oak tree that is 300 years old, the oldest of its kind in Serbia. One can also enjoy 23 orchids species blooming in the gorge at the beginning of May.

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is also referred to as Serbian Mount Athos given that 10 medieval Orthodox Christian monasteries are situated here.


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