Ethno-village Štitkovo


Ethno-village Štitkovo



On one hand, this is a typical ethno-village, an open-air museum, but with a difference – it is still inhabited.

Štitkovo is the village with a special architectural heritage. It was once the headquarters of the local noble family. Houses are built in a row, all facing the local church. Their construction is more similar to the 19th-century urban houses that can still be seen in towns of Užice or Nova Varoš, than to local rural origins.

Each of the houses has a stone-built basement. They say that basements served as shops, bakeries and that the village got its name after one of the crafts – shield making (štit in Serbian).

The other thing that makes these houses unique is the fact that each of them has a year carved above the door, the year when they were individually erected.



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