Old Town

The first 14th-century reliable sources say that the fortress belonged to a noble family.

It was later overtaken by one of the regional rulers who was defeated by Serbian emperor Lazar in 1373. These walls were often destroyed and rebuilt throughout history.

There are folk stories related to the Old Town fortress. One of them says that the 15th-century Greek princess also known as the Damned Jerina who was married to Serbian despot Đurađ Branković, forced pregnant women to build fortresses around Serbia while throwing their babies into rivers. Never the less, Užice fort was here long before the cruel princess even appeared on the political scene in Serbia.

The Old Town can be visited on foot, but there is also a great view from the observation deck “at the cross” that is situated on the mountain peak directly opposite the fortress.

Make sure to climb all the way up to the fortress because there is one fascinating view of the whole valley to admire. A zip line is also installed nearby if you are into this kind of activity.

So, a visit to the Old Town is not just about history.


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