Mileševac FORTRESS

The Old Town remains are to be found at the end of the Mileševka Gorge, beneath the village of Hisardžik.

These lands once divided territories that belonged to Serbian Prince Lazar and Bosnian Tvrtko in 1373 when the Old Town fell under the Bosnian rule. This was actually the fortification that protected Mileševa monastery, as well as merchants and caravans. Due to the good strategic position, Ottomans built a military base here in the 15th century.

Beneath the Old Town walls there lies the small, white mosque. A 400-year-old Quran is to be seen inside, the great book that lies on the stand revealing the elegant Arabic alphabet.

When taking a small trail that seems to go around the hill, one will reach an observation deck with the view of Mileševka Gorge, but also the St Sava’s Cave further down. Inside the cave – a spring. Locals believe that St Sava’s Water has healing benefits.


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