Mileševa Monastery

The monastery is king Vladislav’s endowment, the grandson of the renowned Serbian Prince Stefan Nemanja.

He began to build it in 1218. Still, the monastery became widely popular 19 years later when St Sava the Enlightener’s body was moved and buried here. St Sava was Serbian Prince and Orthodox monk, Stefan Nemanja’s son. His relics were transferred to Belgrade in 1595 by the Ottoman order, and burned there.
The most famous relic here is by far the 13th-century White Angel fresco. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful pieces of medieval art of Serbia and Europe in general.

The first transatlantic television signal that was broadcasted from Europe in 1962 included the White Angel fresco in the greeting message to Americans. The same transmission was broadcasted to Space, and besides pictures of landing on the Moon and the Great Wall of China, the White Angel was sent as a message of peace and human artistic legacy.


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