Railway Museum

No matter if a visitor is into trains or not, a stop at the Railway Museum should not be missed.

This is the unique opportunity to see an old press that was used for printing dates into train tickets or an old furnace in the former waiting room. Still, a few great museum pieces are right there on the railway tracks that seem like they just steamed out of a black and white movie.

Besides the small railway station, there are four train narrow tracks with 500 old wagons and locomotives to be seen. This is where you will come across the popular Ćira locomotive, or the one called Milan. The latter was constructed in Balkans in 1882 and is named after the former Serbian king Milan Obrenović.

There is also the Rama model dating back to 1873. They say that it was made in Germany and that there are only two left in the world – one is in Japan and the other here, in Požega.


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