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Hunting and Fishing

The geographical characteristics of Tara are the reason why this is one of the richest hunting resorts in Europe. Roe deer, chamois, boar, are among the species that can be found in these parts.

Tara National Park regulates hunting terms and conditions. Along with the Hunting Society “Soko” from Bajina Bašta, the Park is also in charge of breeding and protecting the wildlife.

The artificial lakes of Perućac and Zaovine with their tributaries offer fantastic conditions for fishing. Fishing is also allowed in Beli Rzav river, Lipovica, Vežanjska, Rača, Derventa, Brusnički potok. Lake Spajići has specific fishing rules and is rarely an attractive fishing destination.

Fresh and crisp waters are suitable for various species, but also for a couple of endemic species of Drina. In the waters of Tara National Park, large specimens of catfish, carp, pike, and trout are caught. There is a possibility of renting a fishing boat with a guide to escort visitors through the entire fishing area of the Park.


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